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At OMEGA life® we put a special emphasis on sustainability. That’s why we are proud to report that our vegan product has received an official vegan certification. This distinction confirms our commitment to offering animal-friendly, environmentally conscious products that contribute to a sustainable future. Enjoy the advantages of OMEGA life®, knowing that you are making a positive decision for our planet.


The fish oil in OMEGA life® is FOS-certified

FOS (Friend of the Sea) is an independent certification body. Its seal guarantees that the catch is limited to non-overexploited fish stock, the fishing methods have no significant impact on the seabed and the discard rate is less than 8% of the total catch.

You can find more information at the Friend of the Sea website.

We also place great emphasis on quality when it comes to purity

The fish oil in OMEGA life® is purified in two steps:

  • A standard industrial purification method to remove impurities like heavy metals
  • A special proprietary purification process (known as “stripping”). This makes it possible to remove further potential pollutants.

OMEGA life® is thus subject to strict specifications concerning all types of environmental contaminants. That’s why OMEGA life® can offer you pure fish oil of the highest quality.


Vegan certification for OMEGA life® Vegan

The vegan flower was started by The Vegan Society, in England – the only organisation with the right to issue the logo. Since 1990 the vegan flower (“Vegan Trademark”) has helped individuals leading a vegan lifestyle more easily select groceries and cosmetics.

To receive the vegan flower label, a product must fulfil the following criteria:

  • The final product cannot contain any animal ingredients, by-products or raw materials taken from animals.
  • No animal materials are used during production, and animal testing was not performed at any stage of production. All raw materials must be produced without animal testing.
  • If the company also produces non-vegan products, all machines must be thoroughly cleaned before they can come into contact with vegan contents.
  • If a product contains genetically modified ingredients, this must be indicated on the packaging.
The Sea Cleaners

We support the clean-up of the oceans

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the environment, we are proud to announce our partnership with The SeaCleaners Swiss, an organisation dedicated to protecting the oceans from plastic pollution.

At Doetsch Grether, we are passionate about creating high quality health and wellness products. Our OMEGA life range, rich in essential marine ingredients, embodies our commitment to health and sustainability. We recognise that the health of our oceans is inextricably linked to the quality of our products, which is why we have chosen to actively support The SeaCleaners' ocean clean-up efforts.

By purchasing a product from the OMEGA life range, our customers are directly contributing to the preservation of our oceans. Part of the proceeds from this range will go towards the financial support of The SeaCleaners, enabling them to fund waste collection, scientific research and public awareness campaigns.

Through this partnership we reinforce our commitment to sustainability and offer our customers the opportunity to make a tangible difference to the environment while enjoying the exceptional benefits of our OMEGA life products. We believe this collaboration demonstrates our responsibility to the planet and reinforces the quality and integrity of our brand.

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