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These are the most frequently asked questions by our customers concerning OMEGA life® products as well as answers and advice provided by experts.

  • What is the capsule shell of OMEGA life® products made of?

    • OMEGA life® Classic: Bovine gelatine

    • OMEGA life® Vegan: Corn starch

  • Is the fish in OMEGA life® Classic wild caught or farmed, and what types of fish are used?

    OMEGA life® contains anchovies, sardines and mackerel. The fish comes from wild catches in the South Pacific.

  • Where does the algae in OMEGA life® Vegan come from?

    The oil comes from microalgae that are grown in artificial sea water, known as aquaculture. The marine ecosystem remains unaffected, and natural resources are conserved.

  • How much fish is used for one OMEGA life® Classic capsule?

    1 capsule contains approx. 62.5 to 125 g of fish. Anchovies in particular are fish with high proportions of omega-3 fatty acid. More fish would be required if other fish were used.

  • Are sustainability concerns taken into consideration in fishing?

    Yes, definitely. The fish oil in OMEGA life® is FOS-certified. FOS (Friends of the Sea) is an independent certification organisation. Its seal guarantees the following:

    • No overexploitation of fish stock.
    • By-catch rate under 8% (undesired fish are “returned” to the sea).
    • No by-catch of endangered species.
    • No significant impact on the seabed.
    • Application of standard procedures, i.e. the permitted total allowable catches (TAC) and no illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.
    • Social responsibility.
    • Gradual reduction of the CO2 footprint.
  • What does the vegan flower mean?

    The vegan flower is the most well-known and recognised vegan symbol worldwide. It guarantees that these products do not contain any animal ingredients or additives, and no animal testing was performed.

  • How is pollution, e.g. with heavy metals, avoided with the OMEGA life® Classic final product?

    The fish oil in OMEGA life® is purified in two steps:

    • A standard industrial purification method to remove impurities such as heavy metals.
    • A special proprietary purification process known as “stripping”. This makes it possible to remove further potential pollutants.

    OMEGA life® is thus subject to strict specifications concerning all types of environmental contaminants.

  • From what age is OMEGA life® recommended?

    OMEGA life® can be given to children older than 10 and/or weighing over 30 kg. Children who can swallow pills well can also start earlier. The dosage is no problem.

  • Are there undesired side effects with omega-3 fatty acids?

    No, these are substances that are also found in natural diets. Apart from a slight thinning of the blood, no undesirable side effects are to be expected and none are known.

  • Is there a risk of dependency in case of long-term use?

    Omega-3 fatty acids are natural nutrients, not pharmaceutical substances. Consequently, there is absolutely no danger of becoming dependent.

  • Do OMEGA life® products contain lactose or gluten?

    No, OMEGA life® Classic and OMEGA life® Vegan are lactose- and gluten-free.

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