Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on OMEGA-life®

  1. What are the capsule shells used for OMEGA-life® products made of?

  2. Is the fish used in OMEGA-life® Classic wild-caught or farmed and what species of fish are used?

    OMEGA-life® contains anchovies, sardines and mackerel. The fish are wild-caught in the South Pacific.

  3. What is the origin of the algae used in OMEGA-life® Vegan?

    The oil is obtained from microalgae that are planted in artificial seawater - in so-called aquacultures. This means that the marine ecosystem remains unaffected and natural resources are protected.

  4. How much fish is needed for one OMEGA-life® Classic capsule?

    1 capsule contains around 62.5 – 125 mg of fish. Anchovies are particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids. More fish would be needed if other species of fish were used.

  5. Is care taken by fisheries to ensure sustainability?

    Yes, a great deal of care. The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is FOS certified. The FOS (Friends of the Sea) is an independent certification body which guarantees the following with its seal:

    • no overfishing of the target stocks.
    • maximum 8% bycatch (unwanted fish that are thrown back into the sea).
    • no bycatch of endangered species.
    • no damage to the seafloor.
    • approach compliant with standards, i.e. total allowable catch (TAC) and no illegal unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).
    • social responsibility.
    • gradual reduction of CO2 footprint.
  6. What does the vegan flower mean?

    The vegan flower is the best-known recognized global vegan symbol. It guarantees that these products contain no animal compounds or ingredients and no animal experiments have been carried out.

  7. How is contamination, for example with heavy metals, avoided in the OMEGA-life® Classic end product?

    The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is purified in two steps:

    • Industrial standard purification method to remove impurities such as heavy metals.
    • Trademark-protected special purification process (known as “stripping”). This enables the removal of other potential contaminants.

    OMEGA-life® is thus subject to stringent provisions relating to all types of environmental pollutants.

  8. Above what age is OMEGA-life® Classic or Vegan to be recommended?

    OMEGA-life® Classic 500 can be given to children aged 10 years and older and/or with a body weight of 30 kg and above. It can also be given to younger children if they can already swallow well. The dosage poses no problems.

  9. Are there any undesirable side effects associated with omega-3 fatty acids?

    No, these are compounds that occur in natural foods. No undesirable side effects are to be expected and none are known, apart from slight thinning of the blood.

  10. Is there any danger of dependency associated with long-term use?

    Omega-3 fatty acids are natural nutrients and not pharmaceutical active substances. There is thus absolutely no danger of becoming dependent on them.

  11. Do OMEGA-life® Classic or Vegan contain lactose or gluten?