OMEGA-life® stands for quality, purity and sustainability

The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is FOS certified

FOS Logo OMEGA-life

The FOS (Friend of the Sea) is an independent certification body. Among other things, it guarantees with its seal that the catch is restricted to species which have not been overfished, that the fishing methods do not damage the seafloor and that the bycatch ratio is less than 8% of the total catch.

You can find more detailed information on the Friend of the Sea website:

We also attach great importance to purity

The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is purified in two stages:

  • Industrial standard purification method to remove impurities such as heavy metals
  • Trademark-protected special purification process (known as “stripping”); this enables the removal of other potential contaminants

OMEGA-life® is thus subject to the most stringent limits relating to all types of environmental pollutants. With OMEGA-life®, we are therefore able to offer you a fish oil of the highest quality and purity.