Natural vitality from the sea

OMEGA-life® sustainable and of high quality

FOS Certification
Vegan certification
FOS Certification

The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is FOS certified

The FOS (Friend of the Sea) is an independent certification organisation and with its seal guarantees, among other things, that the catch is limited to species that are not overfished, that fishing methods do not compromise the seabed and that the by-catch rate is less than 8% of the total catch.

Further information can be found on the website ofFriend of the Sea.

We also place great value on quality in terms of purity

The fish oil in OMEGA-life® is purified in two stages:

  • Industrial standard purification method for the removal of impurities such as heavy metals
  • Copyright protected special purification process (called "stripping"); this allows the removal of further potential contamination.

OMEGA-life® is thus subject to the most stringent limits with regard to all types of environmental pollutants. With OMEGA-life® we can therefore offer you fish oil of the highest quality and purity.

Vegan certification

Vegan Certification for Omega-life Vegan

The vegan flower was created by the "Vegan Society England" - and only they are authorised to award the logo. Since 1990, the Vegan Flower ("Vegan Trademark") has distinguished food and cosmetics products in an effort to make it easier for vegans to choose the right product.

In order for a product to qualify for the vegan flower label, it must meet the following criteria:

  • No animal constituents, animal by-products or raw materials derived from animals may be contained in the final product.
  • No animal materials may be used during production and no animal experiments may be carried out at any stage of production. All raw materials must be produced without animal testing.
  • If a company produces non-vegan products concurrently, all machines must be thoroughly cleaned before they can come into contact with vegan ingredients again.
  • If a product contains genetically modified components, this must be labelled as such on the packaging.